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Curry Recipes


Indian Curry Recipes

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The secret of a true Indian curry recipe is in its ingredients.  You will find many recipes online which show you similar methods on how to cook delicious Indian curries but it is the ingredients which you use that makes the difference. 

King of Spice is not just a proud statement.  As royalty is inherited over generations so are the secrets of special spices and recipes to cook a tasteful authentic indian curry with lasting flavours.  We have inherited the secret blends of spices and recipes to create dishes which have been enjoyed over generations. 

Now we are bringing to you our secret blend of spices to help you achieve that same great taste in a curry made in the comfort of your own home.

Below is a list of several recipe ideas to help you make the most of the unique flavour of Traditional Kashmiri Curry Masala.  It is ideal for both meat and vegetarian dishes which we hope you will enjoy. 

Comments from the chef: “Please remember that curry making is a fine art and practice makes perfect!”